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Teacher and Kids in Library

Our Mission

The mission of Cornerstone Christian School is to develop world-changing, academically excellent leaders who are transformed by God and His Word. 

Mrs. DeLaughter
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I love this place. This place is home...It's a very uncertain time, but what is certain is God and the love that our teachers give to the kids. You can't replace that.

High School Basketball Team

Our Vision

We will continually advance CCS as a Christian school of excellence, striving to reach God’s benchmark in everything we do.  We will lean in and listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit as He gives us fresh, new revelation about how to serve more effectively, and we will be obedient to His prompting.

Ms. Ewing
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Whatever we do, our goal is to make much of Christ #1 and winning and being successful - all that comes under that umbrella. We will not sacrifice our integrity or our standing to win.

College Friends

Core Values

Our core values are: Faith, Excellence, Character, Service, Leadership, Family and Love. By grace we were saved, through faith, and so we apply it to all with whom we encounter, and it is the bedrock of each core value.

Mrs. Pyle
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My favorite thing about being a stuent at Cornerstone was that it was like a little family and it was awesome to be a part of...Now I'm excited to be back at Cornerstone, and teach, and make that little family for my students.

Administrator's Welcome

CCSPortraits (34 of 36)_edited_edited_ed

From kindergarten to twelfth grade, Texas school children spend almost two full years of life in school:  982,800 minutes, or 16,380 hours, or 682.5 full 24-hour days. So, it’s important for you to have confidence in your school choice. 

Cornerstone Christian School (CCS) is the premier private Pre-K through 12th grade school in this area and is exceptional compared to public schools in Tom Green County.

It has provided a Christ-centered, academically superior education for more than 30 years. We integrate a Christian perspective into every facet of school life, including curriculum, athletics, challenges, discipline, and celebrations. The Christian values you teach in your home are underscored at school.  

Because we do all things “as unto the Lord,” we hold our faculty, staff, and students to a higher standard; yet, through grace, students relax into their studies and athletic efforts knowing they are loved and valued.  This allows them to perform at a very high level.  Also, with one of the lowest student-teacher ratios in this area, CCS students receive individual attention from degreed, certified teachers.

We believe that the educational journey should be a true partnership between the faculty, staff, and parents.  We will work in concert with you to teach, protect, and develop world-changing, academically excellent leaders who are transformed by God and His Word.

Mrs. Angela Gossett, Administrator

Meet Our Faculty and Staff

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Erynn Vanderhorst


CCS (22 of 32).jpg
Regina Steakley


CCS (15 of 32).jpg
Cheryl Mathes

1st Grade

CCS (19 of 32).jpg
Shelly Shukis
untitled (663 of 764).jpg
Amber Vega


CCS (23 of 32).jpg
Jochabed Flores


CCS (13 of 32).jpg
Belinda Bugarin

2nd Grade

CCS (4 of 32).jpg
Susan Graves
CCS (12 of 32).jpg
Megan Frasier


CCS (18 of 32).jpg
Stephanie Weinberg

1st Grade

CCS (27 of 32).jpg
Leigh Frasier

3rd Grade

CCSPortraits (2 of 36).jpg
Courtney Cook

3rd Grade

CCS (9 of 32).jpg
Angela Everton

5th Grade

CCS (29 of 32).jpg
Felisha Ewing

Elementary Receptionist

CCS (14 of 32).jpg
Sarah McKenzie

Secondary Instructional Aide

CCSPortraits (28 of 36).jpg
Katrena Anderson

4th Grade

CCS (17 of 32).jpg
Irma Salas

Instructional Aide

untitled (678 of 764).jpg
Lisa Monreal

Before School Care & Cafeteria Assistant

CCS (3 of 32).jpg
Erin Garcia


CCSPortraits (3 of 36).jpg
Belinda DeLaughter

5th Grade

CCSPortraits (5 of 36).jpg
Vianney Summers

Instructional Aide/ After School Care Team Lead

Shannon Wilburn

12th Bible / P.E. Teacher/

Middle School Coach

CCS (24 of 32).jpg
Julie Pucci

Elementary Music/Secondary Choir

Lion Logo_adobe_express.png
Christene Kolls

All-Level Art Teacher

CCS (6 of 32).jpg
Michelle Uresti

Spanish Teacher/Instructional Aide

6-8 Grade Math & Secondary STEM

CCS (2 of 32).jpg
Samantha Luckey

6-8 Grade Science

6-8 Grade ELAR

CCS (16 of 32).jpg
Travis Garcia

6-8 Grade History

9-11 Grade Bible

Golf Coach

CCS (30 of 32).jpg
Tara Davis

6-8 Grade Bible Teacher/ Director of Biblical Studies

CCS (7 of 32).jpg
Kathy Anderson

High School English 

CCSPortraits (16 of 36).jpg
Glen Gleghorn

High School History/ Coach 

CCS (31 of 32).jpg
Lora Bird

Athletic Director/Coach

CCS (8 of 32).jpg
Kathy Wyatt

6th Grade Math, History, & English/ Orchestra

CCS (10 of 32).jpg
Jayne Blakemore

High School Math

CCSPortraits (14 of 36).jpg
Kathy Allen

Piano Teacher

untitled (665 of 764).jpg
Trina Spiers

HR Director/ Registrar/ Coach

CCS (25 of 32).jpg
Whitney Pyle

9-12 Grade Science/ Drama/ 7th Grade Effective Communication/Health

CCSPortraits (20 of 36).jpg
Jeanie Slate

Yearbook/ Director of Finance

CCSPortraits (17 of 36).jpg
Lillian Hernandez

Secondary Receptionist

CCS (1 of 32).jpg
Susan Brooks

Director of School Development/ Coach

untitled (547 of 764).jpg
Todd Nichols


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