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What is the Scrip Program?

Scrip is an essential fundraiser/gift card program in which retailers sell gift cards to CCS at a 1.25% to 16% discount. Families buy these cards at face value and redeem them at face value. CCS gets the difference in revenue. Just purchase the gift cards from the school to use at a favorite store or restaurant. Money earned is donated to the school for tuition assistance.

How to Order Scrips Gift Certificates

  • Order In-Person
    • We keep a variety of Scrip cards on hand at the school.  The list includes Amazon, Dillards, HEB, Lowe's Home Improvement, Starbucks, Three Parrots, The Home Depot, WalMart/Sam's.  
    • Place an order for your favorite gift certificates by clicking here for a Scrip Card order form. This is not a complete list of available scrip cards; visit for additional retailers. Send cash/check along with your order.  If you would like to pay via a FACTS deduction, please sign and date the FACTS deduction form.
  • Order Online

Instructions for ordering Online:

1. Log on to GL Scrip website and create a username/password.

**Please call the school for CCS' Scrips enrollment number.

2. Browse the cards and place in your shopping cart.

3. At Checkout, there will be two choices for payment:

Submit the order through the checkout screen. Your cards will be ordered, and you will be notified when they are ready for pickup at the front desk. Please bring cash/check for the full amount when picking up cards.  You can also have your purchase drafted from your FACTS account.  

Set up a Presto-pay account using the provided link on the website. After setting up the account, forward the set-up confirmation email to Jeanie Slate at

A PrestoPay account is easy and convenient, allowing payment to be made directly from a checking account for a $0.15 fee. It also allows you to print “scrip” cards directly from your home computer and access “scrip” from a mobile app.

*** If you choose to receive actual cards when paying through PrestoPay, they will be available for pick up at the receptionist desk.

4. If you order cards that we do not have in stock, be sure to submit your order by 9 AM on Monday and your cards will be available by Thursday.  


We prefer all scrip payments to be made with cash, check or PrestoPay; however, cards will now be available for purchase via a FACTS deduction.

Free Jean and Tshirt Day

When you spend $250 or more in a month, your children will enjoy a free jean and tshirt day scheduled for the following month.  A list of eligible families will be sent prior to the free dress day.

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