Lunch Program


Menu effective January 9, 2017

MONDAYChick fil A, sandwich or nuggets, hot vegetable, fruit/salad, dessert, drink

TUESDAYKenny Blanek’s, chicken strips, mashed potatoes, gravy, hot vegetable, salad/fruit, dessert, drink                                                                                 
WEDNESDAY: Wienerschitzel, hamburgers/hotdogs/corndogs, hot vegetable, salad/fruit, dessert, drink

THURSDAY:  Seniors, nachos/tacos/taco salad, dessert, drink

FRIDAYDomino’s, cheese/pepperoni pizza, salad/fruit, dessert, drink            



Drink choices: white or chocolate milk, fruit juice, water


1. Fresh fruit & vegetables will be served each day except Thursday.

2. Salad will be available for $4.50 each (this does not include drink, dessert, or other menu items).


Meal prices: (with 1 drink per meal)

K-4 through 1st grade: $5.50

2nd through  5th grade: $6.00

6th through 12th grade: $6.50

Drink $.50