Visual Arts

Cornerstone Christian School offers electives in the visual arts for middle school and high school students. Taught by Scott Sustek, who is a professional bronze sculptor and painter, art classes at Cornerstone provide students with opportunies to create drawings in various dry media such as charcoals and pastels; and the focus is on classical drawing skills. Students learn to draw from life, to interpret and imitate the wonders that creation holds. Furthermore, students learn painting in watercolors, acrylics, and oils. They paint original subjects as well as "homage" painting in the style of their favorite artist. Finally, Cornerstone art students learn to work three dimensionally by sculpting in oil, clay, water clay, wax, wire, and found objects. Field trips to a museum, an art gallery, and a working artist's studio complement the curriculum with real-world applications of visual arts.

Piano Lab

Cornerstone Christian School is pleased to offer a Yamaha Piano Lab for students in grades 3-12. Our Piano Lab is equipped wtih 17 Yamaha P95 Keyboards (16 students + 1 instructor), and came into existence in the fall of 2011. All students in 3th, 4th and 5th grades attend class twice a week. Secondary students who have chosen Piano Lab as their elective attend daily. The system allows students to practice independently (solos), or to practice in small groups (ensembles). Students present a Christmas Concert each December, and a Spring Concert each May. The Piano Lab instructor is Kathy Allen. Mrs. Allen has played the piano since ge 4, and has taught private piano lessons for the past 30 years.  Mrs. Allen received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Dallas Baptist University, and her Masters of Music in Piano Performance from Hardin Simmons University. As students are growing muscially and building friendships along the way, we thank God for this new addition to Cornerstone!

Choral Music

Choral Music at Cornerstone Christian School gives students an opportunity to develop skills and abilities that will enrich their lives and can be used to honor God. It builds discipline and self-confidence; and it teaches students the value and importance of teamwork.

There are three main areas that are covered in the Choral Music class: vocal development, music reading, and public performance. Vocal development covers the proper way to create sound, including vocal placement, tone quality, and correct breathing technique. Students are also taught the fundamentals of reading music, including the use of solfege and hand signs. Public performances are considered an extension of the classroom learning experience and round out the students' choral music education.

Choral Music is taught by Mrs. Lillian Hernandez.

Yearbook/Web Design/Journalism

In the Yearbook class, Cornerstone Christian School students will learn a variety of skills.  Students will learn how to use a camera, how to take better photographs, and how to use photograph editing software (Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Elements).  Students learn sales techniques to aid them in selling ads for the yearbook.  Other areas covered in this class include designing yearbook pages, maintaining the CCS website, and writing articles for publications such as the Christian Reporter and San Angelo Standard Times.

Yearbook is taught by Mrs. Jeanie Slate.